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    Public Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a growing company established in the year B.S. 2064/02/31st. This company is a government registered (reg. no. 46370/063/064, 2068/01/13 (April 26, 2011), PAN No. 304797521) company main office located in surkhet and corporate office in Kathmandu. And in few years, It established milestone in B.S. 2066 by opening branch office in Palpa, Arghakhanchi, kailali districts. The team is made up of Directors, Project managers, HR managers, Engineers, Technicians and support staff. The company specialized in sales of solar modules and its Photovoltaic application products . We mainly promote solar home systems (SHS) and small solar home system (SSHS), a very simple alternative energy technology and a very popular lighting system. Our endeavor is focused on supplying SHS effectively and efficiently throughout the country. Our effort is to fulfill the demand of rural people through alternative energy systems with its state-of-the-art of system.


1. The main objective of company is to give information to the people leaving in the rural areas about the utility and advantages of renewable source of energy.
2. To provide its products SHS and SSHS mainly to the rural areas of Nepal. Other users may be different NGOs, VDCs, Schools, Community and others.
3. To provide the services such as After sales service and repair with maintenances.
4. To manage the batteries those are out of function after using and to prevent their negative effect to the environment.
5. To conduct the Seminars and technicals trainings for the production of self dependent technicians related to the technology of SHS.
6. To Expand the company's network throughout the different parts of the country and increase the qualitative and quantative services.
7. To maintain proper quality control system. Solar Panel, Battery, Charge Controller, LED Lamp meets NIPQA standard and Other accessories are also normally practiced standards.